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420MEDIA Trailblazers In Cannabis: Lelehnia DuBois, Founder Of Humboldt Grace & Publisher Sensi Mag, The Emerald Triangle Edition

trailblazers in cannabis

Digital marketing agency 420MEDIA and the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) have joined forces to create a series highlighting entrepreneurs trailblazing the cannabis scene. Each week, we profile a noteworthy business pioneer, and ask each 5 questions. This week we talk to trailblazer, Lelehnia DuBois, Founder of Humboldt Grace and publisher of Sensi Mag, The Emerald Triangle Edition.

1. Tell us about your Company.

Humboldt Grace and Sensi Media are both platforms that help build bridges with heart as cannabis and mainstream cultures come together. Humboldt Grace educates companies and organizations on the cannabis culture, advocates, and acts as a strategic advisor. Sensi Mag, The Emerald Triangle Edition helps break through the stigmas as the new normal rises.

2. Why did you choose the cannabis/hemp business?

My mother was a seeker. She didn’t live by anyone’s standards but her own. After a much traveling through Mexico and the US with my sister and me, she found herself in love and practicing nursing and midwifery in the emerald triangle when I was 7. That same year we were in a car accident that cost my sister her life and broke my mother’s back. That accident sealed our fate in the Emerald Triangle and cannabis soon became my mother’s nightly medicine. In 1999, I injured my back and lost two vertebrae. After 8 months of trying to use western medicine to heal, I ended up toxic from low doses of Demerol spending two weeks in the hospital very ill. It was then, I started working with cannabis and fine tuning how to use it to help me have life again.

Soon, I discovered the difference between properly grown cannabis and poison. I bought an ⅛ that had been grown with miracle grow in 2000 and ended up extremely ill. By 2005, I was growing my own medicine and in 2009 a top shelf supplier for a local dispensary. I soon discovered that canna- biz was much different than the community culture I was raised around the plant in. We did have helicopters to look out for overhead, but neighbors were trusted, and communities took care of each other. What I discovered as a patient and legal grower in the CA medical market was horrific. I was robbed regularly, homeless 4 times, and I have had gun to my head,

“Yahoo’s” attempted to blackmail me, all when I thought I was meant to be protected by the 215 laws. What I found instead was that I was set up to be a victim with ZERO protection from my community or government, this turned me into a strong advocate for legalization in 2008.

humboldt Grace

In 2014, I had found myself the chair and president of an organization I thought new the culture and was going to help make my community safe again. Within 6 months, I could clearly see that the politics were not going to help my community and knew I needed to show a better way than what I saw happening. That was when I created Humboldt Grace. A name my mentor gave me many years ago, a name that no “Yahoo” could steal from. A name I could do good things with and navigate around the rest. I use Humboldt Grace to educate on the beauty living life in the Emerald Triangle taught me. I now use my lifetime of knowledge in the cannabis culture to help companies find solutions as they navigate the canna world.

Last year, Ron Kolb, the CEO of Sensi Mag saw my purpose of goodness and offered me my own magazine in the Emerald Triangle to show the culture I grew up with, that is full of love and grace. Now, Humboldt Grace not only supports the industry by helping others build on the integrity of the plant, but my company is in the process if owning Sensi Magazine the Emerald Triangle Edition. I was also just given ownership in the whole company Sensi Media. Both help me fulfill my purpose which is to show we can succeed by choosing with heart and acting in love.

In the woods with Lelehania

3. What change will your firm address in the industry? Does it address an unmet need?

Sensi is building the new normal. We have managed to bring people together with heart. We do transparent, open business and share like crazy! Something I found so rare in the new cannabis world yet so much like the community I was raised in. The Sensi Mag Emerald Triangle edition will show the strength and grace of the communities that nurtured this plant under oppression for so many generations. Humboldt Grace is going to keep finding good things to support and help grow with love. I hope to see sprinkles of Humboldt Grace’s love in many different ways as our plant impacts the world. There are no limits.

4. What has been the reaction to your product/service/technology?

Well people LOVE Sensi Magazine! We are up for Publication of the Year for second year at The Cannabis Business Awards! Humboldt Grace…hmm that’s more complicated. As 420 media knows Humboldt Grace has been through the wars. One was with you and our education platform that took many years to get out due to fear and unfriendly competition! We had so many up against us! Yet here we are, Kerri never gave up! Anytime you are shaking things up and are not influenced by money or power but driven by heart, people get a little scared. Today I think most people know Humboldt Grace just wants to see everyone shine in their purpose with integrity. Communities do not build well on distrust and fear. My community, Humboldt, taught me strength and grace, I believe we are seeing her true heart again. I believe we are just getting ready for what Humboldt Grace has to offer.

5. Are there any upcoming milestones for your company?

We have a few! This month is the Sensi Mag Emerald Triangle edition pre-launch party in partnership with The Emerald Cup. It was going to be a launch party, but our communities are so devastated by California policies we have pushed the actual launch date back to February in hopes our families will be able to get their business going strong by then, right now all our communities in the Emerald Triangle are hanging on by a thread. Even traditional business is down 70% in revenue, as these polices just destroyed the communities that made this industry even possible. We are having our pre-launch party in hopes it will help many of these small businesses and large connect and find solutions within themselves, so all players can elevate. Right now, my community is scrambling, and we need to find every way to help.

Where can readers learn more?

You can go both and you can also look me up on social media. I love Facebook it is where I share my heart. My instagram is where I show the plants life more. LinkedIn is where I do straight business. Come to our event and say hi! Dec 13th RSVP here

‘I Can Still Do That Foundation’ & Tom Pacheco Premiere “Freida’s Secret Garden”

Shot in Humboldt County, the video uses local talent and filmmakers to promote cannabis legalization

NEW YORK: The I Can Still Do That Foundation, a New York City-based non-profit whose mission is to connect people so they can share information and empower each generation to teach the others, launched “Freida’s Secret Garden “  a pro-pot music video based on a song by legendary Woodstock singer-songwriter Tom Pacheco.

“The time to end irrational prohibition of cannabis is now,’  Dan Schneider, Executive Director of the Foundation, announced. “With 33 States now recognizing the benefits of medical cannabis and another 11 States legalizing recreational cannabis, a majority of Americans are in favor of legalization and the end of the irrational and Draconian laws which have stifled research on the potential benefits of cannabis. These laws have had a disparate impact on people of color and restoration of civil rights to those who have been adversely affected is also required to promote equity. The patchwork of irrational and inconsistent federal and state laws must end and the federal law must allow these now legal business to access the federal banking system to that black market producers of questionable products can be replaced by healthy and tested, legal cannabis and CBD products.”

“We want to thank advisor Lelehnia DuBois and her friends in the Humboldt County for helping us make the new music video,” Schneider said. “You can see the new video here in a sneak peek. Please share it with friends. We are trying to help Tom get the recognition he deserves as a legendary singer/songwriter who has written songs for Bob Dylan, The Band, Jefferson Starship, and others. He has a music publishing catalogue of more than 500 songs; “Freida’s” is just one of many great ones.

Still Do That advisor, Curved Papers Founder Michael O’Malley, said, “This song and video bring together the West Coast and East Coast hippie vibes – from Humboldt County to Woodstock – that have given rise to the contemporary cannabis legalization movement. Call it Cannafest Destiny. The fun, the healing compassion and sensible restoration of marijuana’s rightful place in society are all captured humorously in Tom’s lyric and rocking rhythm.

David Rheins, founder of the Marijuana Business Association and Still Do That Advisor agreed: “Marijuana has gone mainstream, and the mainstream media is now getting hip to the power of the plant and the amazing possibilities that legalization brings.  Through the work of artists and activists like  Tom Pacheco,  we are raising cannabis consciousness, and dispelling the dangerous myths and harmful policies of prohibition.”

Still Do That Advisor Melissa Gibson, founder of Hemp and Humanity said, “This folksy and campy musical send-up to the authentic cannabis lifestyle pays homage to the plant, place and people who have championed it for generations. As marijuana use reaches a tipping point in mainstream acceptance, and the cannabis industry has attracted big business, Tom Pacheco take us back to the root(s) of this plant and its essential spirit of connecting humans with one another. What Frieda and her happy, hippy grandson Paul know, is that cannabis has the power to heal, clothe, feed, house, fuel and sustain human’s ability to live on this earth. And that’s worth singing about.”

Still Do That Advisor Lelehnia DuBois, cannabis community advocate and Sensi Magazine publisher, who co-produced the video and played the title role of Freida added, “I come from a culture of Frieda’s. It felt like she was my own mother. It was an honor to play the role”

According to Schneider, an entertainment lawyer by trade, the Foundation plans to produce a weekly TV news series called, “High Hopes”,  to educate people on the history, legal issues, health issues, science and finance surrounding the booming legal cannabis industry.  “We may even use Tom Pacheco’s song as a theme song for our TV series,” Schneider said. “We are currently looking for partners and sponsors for the series and are particularly interested in pro-cannabis celebrities to help demystify the stigma surrounding cannabis.”

Medical Cannabis Education: The Healing Power of Knowledge Comes To TV

CALIFORNIA – AK Ventures, a social purpose corporation servicing the cannabis industry, has announced its latest media project, ”Medical Cannabis: The Healing Power of Knowledge”, a 30-minute series that the company intends to distribute via the major television broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox.

According to company founder Kerri Accardi, the show is intended to inform and educate mainstream TV viewers on cannabis, cannabis healing, and the emerging cannabis industry as a whole.   Featuring interviews with interesting guests, topical discussions, politics, investigative journalism, health and sports medicine, planned segments will include cannabis industry notables Dr. Sue Sisley, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, nurses Heather Manus, Marcie Cooper, Juhlzie Monteiro of Cannabis Nurses Magazine; attorneys Ken Sobel and Michael Minardi; botany expert and founder of the nonprofit Haleigh’s Hope Jason Cranford; business pioneers Chloe Villano, Cloverleaf University; MJBA founder David Rheins, and Vivian McPeak, founder Seattle Hempfest, “the longest running protestival in the world.”

“We will learn from Veterans Roger Martin and Michael Kravitz and their work on PTSD, The Silver Tour’s Robert Platshorn and his expertise on senior’s health and cannabis,” Accardi said.  “The audience is also introduced to the emotional story of 15 year old medical refugee and Crohn’s survivor / thriver Coltyn Turner and his family.  There will be surprise celebrity and athlete appearances as they stop by to show their support for cannabis education.  The airwaves have never seen anything like this.”

Accardi, founded AK Ventures in the memory of her much loved aunt, who died in 2013.  “We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share this information and education in a fun filled, visually appealing, entertaining way with the support of mainstream media.”

As point of clarification, CBS is not producing or sponsoring this project.  It is AK Ventures that is producing the program and is seeking sponsors to fund the purchase of the airtime across multiple markets in the country.

The opportunity that AK Ventures has created for the cannabis community truly is unprecedented. In Accardi’s words,  “We are creating her-story in history!  We are proud to announce Lelehnia DuBois, founder of Humboldt Grace and Michael O’Malley, Curved Papers for becoming a first- to – market sponsor to support the end of prohibition.”

AK Ventures is offering ethical cannabis related and other supportive companies the historic opportunity to be a part of it, giving them the chance to help support cannabis education in North America.   Sponsors will be integrated throughout the programming.