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In a rational world all American farmers would have the right, State and Federal, to plant a hemp seed on their land and reap the benefits.

California Hemp Gets Rolling

CALIFORNIA:  Green, twenty-foot-tall fields of research hemp might be waving in the Davis breeze by the next year in a startling breakthrough for California hemp advocates who have been working for decades to grow the plant. The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013 combined with the 2014 … Read the full article...

Kentucky's first hemp crop takes root.

Hemp Crop Takes Root In Kentucky

KENTUCKY:  A month after the seeds for Kentucky's first legal hemp crop were released to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, hundreds of leafy plants are growing in research fields across Kentucky. After initial fears that government holdups on delivering the seed would limit growers' ability … Read the full article...

Currently 12 states have legislation on the books that would allow cultivation of hemp as laid out in the recent Farm Bill.

Now Appearing: Hemp, For First Time In Decades

COLORADO:  Proponents of industrial hemp say it’s one of the most misunderstood plants in the world. It’s related to its far more controversial cousin, marijuana, but lacks the THC that gives marijuana its psychedelic properties. The first federal law mentioning hemp came in 1937. Congress … Read the full article...

Hemp is prized for oils, seeds and fiber, but its production was prohibited for five decades because the plant can be manipulated to enhance a psychoactive chemical, THC, making the drug marijuana.

Uncertainty Dominates New Legal Hemp Market

COLORADO: Marijuana's square cousin, industrial hemp, has come out of the black market and is now legal for farmers to cultivate, opening up a lucrative new market. That was the idea, anyway. Would-be hemp farmers are having mixed success navigating red tape on everything from seed acquisition to … Read the full article...


Massie Eats Hemp, Says It’s ‘Rope, Not Dope’

KENTUCKY: The effort to legalize industrial hemp has turned the national spotlight on Kentucky. In the past month, U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Garrison, received rock star treatment with a write-up in Rolling Stone and eating a hemp seed candy bar on Fox Business Network show 'The Independents' … Read the full article...

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Thank you very much for coming July 8th and we are looking forward to seeing you July 25th.

Seattle’s Cannabis City Grand Re-Opening July 25th

WASHINGTON:  Cannabis City would like to invite you to join us for our grand re-opening, Friday, July 25th. We have received more product and are eager to once again supply customers with quality cannabis. We are asking for your help to spread the word with your friends and family to come down and participate in our second grand "re-opening." We … Read the full article...

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