The U.S. is unquestionably the largest market for hemp products

U.S. Leads World in Hemp Food, Beauty Sales

CALIFORNIA:  U.S. hemp product sales are growing fast. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA; Summerland, CA) estimates 21.2% retail sales growth in 2014 for hemp food and body care products, putting the 2014 total at $200 million. If other hemp-based products are added to the mix—clothing, auto … Read the full article...

McConnell—then the Senate’s minority leader—worked furiously to free the seeds from the DEA’s clutches and continued the pro-hemp drumbeat throughout 2014, as he campaigned for reelection.

Mitch McConnell’s Love Affair with Hemp

KENTUCKY: Last May, a shipment of 250 pounds of hemp seeds left Italy destined for Kentucky as part of a pilot project made legal by the 2014 federal farm bill. Kentucky farmers had long hoped for a crop that could fill the void left by the decline of tobacco, and many thought that industrial hemp, … Read the full article...

“We have the excitement from the farmers, we have the products being developed…we see foods and beverages, soaps and cosmetics, the list goes on. The missing piece is really the investment component.”

The Future Of Hemp In Colorado

COLORADO: Jason Lauve is the founder of Hemp Cleans, he’s been a long time hemp activist in Colorado. We spoke to him last Summer after a shipment of hemp seeds that he was legally importing from Canada were detained by border officials. Those seeds never made it to Colorado. Lauve says that … Read the full article...

Southern Oregon farmers growing marijuana for medicine are concerned about the cross-pollination that could come from industrial hemp.

Medical Pot Growers Fear Hemp Will Ruin Their Crop

OREGON:  Southern Oregon farmers growing marijuana for medicine don't want fields of pot's prosaic cousin, industrial hemp, growing nearby.They say cross-pollination could turn their high-grade buds into throwback, seedy marijuana, something out of the 1960s that takes forever to get a user … Read the full article...

A bill to legalize commercial use of hemp in New Mexico breezed through its first legislative test Tuesday.

New Mexico Bill On Hemp Production Passes

NEW MEXICO:  A bill to legalize marijuana previously went down in flames, but a separate measure for commercial use of hemp in New Mexico breezed through its first legislative test Tuesday. The Senate Conservation Committee voted 9-0 to advance the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Committee members … Read the full article...

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