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All industrial hemp does is produce seeds and fiber that can be used in making clothing, food, beverages, paper, plastics, building supplies and fuel.

Tarter: Value Of Hemp Grows In Illinois

ILLINOIS:  Medical marijuana has made plenty of headlines across Illinois this year as various interests scurry to serve as production and distribution facilities. Lost in the shuffle is an update on industrial hemp in this state. That’s the non-sexy little brother in the cannabis family that … Read the full article...

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High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam frustrates pot tourists

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Stays Open, But Crowd Frustrated

By Jake Browne, The Cannabist Staff AMSTERDAM — Don’t tell High Times the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is canceled, shut down or in any way shuttered. Determined to proceed with the 27th annual event, organizers opened the Melkweg on Monday morning as if it were business as usual at the venue. Passes, tote bags and T-shirts were doled out to the … Read the full article...

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